Lose My Breath

So my Monday started off kinda strange. I woke up in the morning very tired. I hadn’t slept too much, but that wasn’t anything too unusual. I went to work and while sitting at my desk, doing absolutely nothing but paperwork, I became very aware of my breathing. It was shallow and I was having trouble taking deeper breaths without pain. I am immediately alarmed but stubborn me decided to just power through it. “I’ll be fine,” I kept reassuring myself. So 5 o’clock rolls around and I get home and sit on the couch. I’m trying to explain to my mom and brothers how I’m feeling, and everyone is now just as alarmed as me. So we collectively decided that I should go to the ER just to make sure it’s nothing. Meanwhile, I’m still trying to convince myself it’s a bad anxiety attack on the drive to the ER.

So we go through all the typical ER stuff, insurance, ID, paperwork, all that good stuff. They took me back to triage and got me a room. This super friendly nurse comes in to set me up. She did my EKG then proceeds to attempt to draw blood and set an IV line. Long story short, she painfully blew one of the veins in my right arm before successfully getting a line set on the opposite arm. Now I’m flushed because of the pain and nerves, great. So then another tech comes in and ask for a urinalysis, then starts me on a nebulizer treatment. And so after I finish the neb treatment, I proceed to chest X-rays and then finally I got some time to sit in silence. Now as always, I am huge ball of nerves, but this friendly nurse kept coming in to reassure me that my results seemed to all be coming back with no abnormalities. That helped a lot. So after an hour or so, while I’m now invested in Live PD episodes, the doctor comes back in and gives me all of my results. Everything is normal for the most part, except for a minor abnormality in my chest X-ray, which has since been ruled to be non-concerning. So I was diagnosed with reactive airway disease, which eventually led to an asthma diagnosis. Again, I’m more relieved that it isn’t much worse, I’m tired and hungry and just wanna go home. So I get discharged, eat, and hit the sack.

My Snapchat update during my nebulizer treatment

I woke up yesterday morning absolutely exhausted. My arms were sore, my chest ached, but hey, I could breathe. And so, I was told to take the day off to recuperate and follow up with my primary doctor. I didn’t make it to the doctor until after 3 o’clock because I spent almost all morning in bed. My body felt so weak and the rest was much needed. After seeing my PCP, picking up my medications, and eating a good meal, I finally got to come back home and rest. I was told that the heat may aggravate the asthma and man, they weren’t kidding. This heat is no joke. Well, my brother convinced me to go to the gym after he got home from work to attempt to just get moving. I’d already decided I was just gonna do a little walking on the treadmill, maybe 20 minutes, and then call it quits. I got to the gym, lasted 4 minutes and had to call it quits. Apparently, one of the side effects of my 10-day steroid medication is nausea, followed by headaches and dizziness. Y’all, I’m not kidding when I say it hit me all at once. So I prematurely ended my workout & sat in the locker room for a long while before I was able to get up and move to a massage bed. I wasn’t gonna leave here empty-handed! I couldn’t work out, but I least wanted to feel relaxed. And so I did my hydro massage and felt a little relief. It was pretty unfortunate to have had such a lousy day at the gym, but honestly, I don’t know what I was expecting.

Me: “oh look, they prescribed me some meth.” || No one found that as amusing as me lol

To summarize, I’ve got adult onset asthma that the doctors are pretty much pinning on environmental factors for the most part. I’m really bummed, but it’s given me some motivation to work to get healthier and stay fit. I know it’s something that can be controlled, I just have to to stay focused on really taking care of myself. It’s been a long road so far, and this is just another bump in the road for me. For now, I’ll be taking it easy. But that doesn’t mean this is the end for me. So long as I’ve got a breath in my body, I’ll keep searching for new adventures and new experiences! Nothing’s gonna hold me back!

A little humor for y’all 😂

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