About the Journey

One Christmas, a good friend of mine bought me a journal during a Christmas trip to NYC. In the journal, he’d written a quote: “Documenting little details of your everyday life becomes a celebration of who you are.”

It has been in my writing that I have been able to overcome some of the lowest points in my life. Through writing, photography and socializing, I’ve found a niche in motivational blogging. What began as an experiment in keeping myself accountable through a fitness journey has turned into a growing community of friends and strangers alike that have inspired me to continue on this journey, not just for my wellness, but for the wellness of others as well!

Though it has only been a few months, A JENuine Journey is now active on Facebook, Instagram and WordPress, and I’ve been able to connect with others to help motivate and inspire others. My goal is to be able to impact at least one person to embark on a wellness journey to become not only a fitter, stronger person, but ultimately, a better person.

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram (@_ajenuinejourney) & WordPress (ajenuinejourney.com) and stay tuned! The best is yet to come!

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